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Helping YOU Ride YOUR Best

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12 Week Programme

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Understanding the Body
Our physiotherapist helps you grasp how the body works, using simple fact sheets and videos, enabling you to get the best out of your riding.
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Riding Link
Join our guest trainers to learn simple drills and exercises to improve your riding, using videos and photos
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Rider Fitness
Follow our short and easy to follow videos and workout sheets, helping to improve your fitness, stability, balance and strength
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Rider Biomechanics
Learn some simple biomechanics basics that will allow you to analysis and assess how you ride, and how to achieve great performance gains
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Matters of the Mind
Whether it be sports psychology, learning how to unwind, or mindful eating, with our guest experts, we have it covered
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Nutrition for Riders
Fuel your body as well as you fuel your horse, after all you are part of the team. Follow our recipes and nutrition fact sheets
"ActiveRider aims to help you release your inner athlete. We are all good at putting our horses first, but many of us run out of time when it comes to ourselves. As half the partnership, what we do in the saddle plays an important role on how our horse goes. Improving how we move, feel and think will have a massive affect on our horse's performance.

We have a range of options, from the face to face clinics and workshops, to our 12 week online course. With exercise videos and articles to help you with your homework, and online support for questions and queries, you can feel rest assured that you are well supported.

Carys, Helen & Russell work with the British Equestrian Federation as part of their World Class Programme, helping riders aiming for Rio and beyond. We use our knowledge and information gained from working at this level and cater it for riders of all abilities - professional riders, to rider going out and doing their first dressage test."

The ActiveRider Team xxx


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Latest Blog

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Core Myths

To have a strong core you need to strengthen your 6 pack
Yes your core is made up of your 6 pack (rectus abdominus), however it is just one muscle of many. They work togther to function as your core. As riders, our 6 pack is not of high importance - it is a power muscle, which is not relevant most of the time when riding. However it does provides a support function, so needs to be as strong as the other muscles.

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Latest News

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Our Book Hits Amazon
After the success of our manual, it is now available from amazon. Check out our reviews here
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New Workshop Dates
We have had a revamp of our courses, and are now offering small, hands on workshops from our beautiful studio.
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12 Week Programme Refresh
Our 12 week programme has gone through a complete revamp, with our test readers loving the changes. To find out more, check it out here
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