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Ever wondered whether you are crooked and why? Ever assessed your posture? Are you using your core properly? Well now you can. We have developed an online assessment where we will watch you ride and move and help identify keys areas for you to work on.
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Ridden Assessment
Let us assess your riding position and highlight imbalances

  • Video your assessment - using your smart phone, tablet or video camera, record our ridden assessment and send it back into us
  • We will watch & analyse - we will watch back your clip and discuss what we feel you should work on and provide a report highlighting areas to focus on
Movement Analysis

How you move off the horse will highlight movements you do on the horse. Our simple assessment is designed to help you see what you need to work on

  • Send over your assessments - Take short video clips and photos of the 4 exercises and email them over to us.
  • We will recommend key areas to work on, and explain why - Watching back your footage will help us get an understanding of the bigger picture of what you need to focus on and how that will be affecting your riding. We will then suggest what to do next
Posture Assessment
Your posture tells a fair bit about what muscles you over use and what muscles need strengthening

  • Photograph yourself - Follow our simple posture assessment and send us across your photos
  • We will highlight key areas - We will show what you need to work on and why, and simple everyday strategies to help improve your posture

What you will get:

  • A ridden analysis report
  • A posture assessment
  • A movement analysis
  • Easy to follow assessment instructions
  • A report with a conclusion detailing what to work on and why, within 7 days
  • Recommended plan of action
  • Your recommended Correction Pack - for more details see below


What Happens Next?

Once you have bought an online assessment pack, you need to work your way through it, which should not take long, videoing and photographing the relevant parts. Then you email across the pack, and we work our way through it, watching your videos and putting together the jigsaw pieces. Once we have finished doing all that, we fill out your feedback form and recommended plan of action. We email that back to you along with your Correction Pack.
Please note, we limit how many we do at a time, but if full, we will start a wait list and let you know when you can purchase

What Is A Correction Pack?

There are 4 key areas of riding technique that can affect a rider’s performance - Posture, Core, Symmetry and Seat. If one, or more of these areas are weak, then this will heavily effect the rider’s performance and the horse’s way of going. Correcting these will not only improve your riding, but also your every day life. Each Correction Pack comes with 4 programmes - Activation, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The programmes are compiled with aims, exercises, stretches and cues of habit changes. Once you have ticked off the requirements of each programme, you can move onto the next. With each assessment we will send you our recommended Correction Pack. If you have been recommended to work on more than one area, then you can either buy another Correction Pack or opt to subscribe to the site. Correction packs are just £4.99. Members will get access to all the correction packs, plus all our other workout packs, articles, discounts etc, all for only £9.99 a month (with no tie in). To find out more, please click

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