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At activerider, we appreciate that some people like to work from a paper copy, so some of our work is available in booklet format. Full details are below

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Our 12 week booklet is our most popular booklet. It is a progressive exercise plan for riders, covering 7 key areas:
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You start your 12 week programme with a comprehensive assessment - a simple fitness assessment, movement analysis, posture check and finally a ridden assessment. All these combine to give you an understanding of your areas of strength and weakness
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We won't bore you with science but having a basic understanding will help you understand how the body works. In the 12 week course, we take you through the key areas rider need to look at, for example basic - anatomy of the core, spine, neck, pelvis, how to select a practitioner, how to protect your back etc.
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Rider Link
Through this section you will understand what the major movement faults are with riders, and how that effects you riding - from left and right symmetry, weak core, locked pelvis, poor posture etc.
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Our fitness section takes you through a range of fact sheets aimed at improving your basic fitness knowledge, from how to warm up and cool down properly, and how to check you intensity, to taking up running and strength for riders.
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Fuelling your body effectively is vital for riders. The programme helps you to understand the basic fuel types - protein, carbohydrates and fats, before moving onto each meal and helping you make good choices, as well as addressing the issue of hydration
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We also wanted you to get an insight into other areas, such as buying trainers, boosting your energy, how weight effects you riding and rider analysis. Our other section delves into these, giving you plenty to think about
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Exercise Plan
Our 12 week programme has a new programme each week. It is easy to follow using videos, photos and descriptions and all aimed at improving your riding through making you fitter, stronger, more stable and improving your body awareness.

Just £69

The most popular question from riders on fitness is "how do I improve my core", so this is why we created a simple easy to follow plan for your core. The booklet takes you through -
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A simple assessment so you can understand if your core is firing correctly, how strong it is and how long it works for
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We help you understand what your core is and how it helps your back using simple fact sheets.
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Rider Link
Through this section you will understand how your core influences your riding and what you can do to improve it,
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Exercise Plan
The core rider programme takes you through activating your core and five progressive core programmes to follow using photos, videos and descriptions
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Just £25

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