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12 Week Plan For Riders, By Riders

Each week we cover a range of topics, as well as set you a range of progressive workouts. But don't panic, everything is designed to fit into your busy life, so short and sweet(ish). Work your way through at your own pace, feeding back to us your progress so we can help guide you each week with a personal email and advice.
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12 Minute Workouts
Our workouts are designed to fit into your busy lives. Requiring limited kit, and covering all areas of rider fitness, you'll be sure to feel and see the benefit to your riding

Rider Link
We help you to understand how you move, and what effect that has on the horse. You'll be amazed at how simple it can be to understand

Whole Body Approach
The programme is more than just a rider fitness programme. We help you with understanding how your body works, overcoming niggles and injuries, as week as biomechanics, nutrition and more. If we can't help, we will refer you onto someone who can!!

Weekly Goals
Each week, we set simple tasks and goals to help lead you through the week, and also motivate you to get each element done. At the end of the week you feedback through a simple online feedback form, so we can plan the following week

One Line Expert Advice
Our team of experts are on hand to help advice, but also motivate you along the way, with simple changes where needed

All for Just £29 a month, with no tie in for any period!!

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