Effective Seat

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Pelvis Correction Pack
4 progressive workouts, starting from basic activation to challenging exercises. With photos and easy to follow videos

Core & Glute Workout
A 15min workout that will strengthen your core and work your bottom. Easy to follow videos

Independent Seat Workout
Focusing on developing your core and pelvis control, this workout will help improve your seat

Improve Your Seat Workout
An easy to follow workout to help develop your seat by strengthening the muscles around your hips

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Improve Your Seat Workout 2
After the success of the first Improve Your Seat Workout, we have created another so you can progress further

Secure Seat
Exercises that focuses solely on keeping you in the saddle during a spook, trip etc
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The Anatomy of the Pelvis

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The Rider's Pelvis

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Importance of Centre of Gravity

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The Seat - An Anatomical View

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