Feb 2015

Horse & Rider Trauma - Physio View


Humans: Riders, by the very nature of their sport, plus day-to-day dealings with 500kg plus animals, frequently sustain a variety of traumatic injuries. Falls are one of the biggest causes of injury resulting in soft-tissue trauma, bone fractures, joint damage and sadly, although fortunately rarely, death. Riding is a high risk sport due to the unpredictable nature of the horse which is essentially a prey animal. In addition injuries can also easily occur whilst handling horses from the ground as very often hats are not worn in these scenarios.


Is Your Rehab Programme As Good As Your Horse's?


So I am in joyous process of getting my mare back into work after her recent injury. It's never fun doing all the rehab, but bearing in mind she is 4 and recently broken, it is extra ‘fun’.  So far we have walked down the drive on our hind legs, baled out round the field just as she got zapped on her bottom by the electric fencing (gardens are scary places you know) but our piece de resistance so far was when she spooked as I was committed to getting on (having spent 5min trying to get her to stand still).  I got on, but sitting behind the saddle - such fun!!!  Needless to say, I didn't stay on her for long.  Like most of us I am strict with her rehab (or as much as I can be when she is isn't dragging me around the arena on the end of a long line) - walk work, trot work and then circles before progressing to the rest.  However are we the same with our rehab?