May 2016

Week 7's programme done at last!


Well, at long last I have completed week 7 to what I think it an 'acceptable' standard - hurrah! I've done the pyramid workout three times, as well as the intermediate core workout and I am relieved that I have finally managed to galvanise myself to do it properly.

I think my main problem has been trying to fit everything in - and not scheduling when I will actually do the programme. I'm much better if I get up early and exercise, but if I'm honest, it is sometimes just a bit too tempting to stay in bed! However, I've come to the conclusion I am much better to plan ahead when I will do the programme and then I can't convince myself that 'I really will do it tomorrow' and go back to sleep...
Because I have been working in London a lot, I've been doing a lot more walking to and from the office. Yesterday I worked out I'd walked about six miles, which was a surprise. It has meant, though, that I've had to adopt the 'trainers and office gear' look, which I am never quite sure about, but there are lots of London commuters doing the same, so it's not so bad.

I am feeling a lot fitter, and trying hard to be very symmetrical when I ride, as this has been one of my main problems. It's always interesting to see other riders though, and I had a great opportunity last weekend when I did some dressage writing at Weston Park BE for my trainer Sue, who was judging a section. It was really great to see horses and riders who looked like they were perfectly in harmony and happy - the best of them looked like they were working together through the test and made it look easy. I'm also in awe of the riders who have multiple rides - they must be very fit and super-organised to successfully manage all three phases with very different horses, never mind remembering different dressage tests for different levels!