Nov 2014

Why I Specialised In Rider Fitness


Yes, the photo above is me on my first pony at Pony Club, and yes, apparently I can still look equally stuffy when I ride.  You see I wasn’t born into a horsey family - my mum loved riding but my grandfather was in the Royal Marines so they travelled too much for her to develop her passion for riding.  However, what we lacked in knowledge, we made up for with sheer effort. 


Want To Be Our ActiveRider 2015?


Do you want to be able to improve your riding?
Do you want to be fitter and better?
Do you want to train like an athlete?


Why Is Goal Setting So Important?

At the end of each season, it always seems like next season is miles away. But before you know it the season is about to start and we are madly dashing around trying to finish our competition preparation. Goal setting will make your pre season training more successful, and here is why

1) It gives your training focus
Winter training is an ideal time to focus on key areas that will influence your performance. We can make big changes without worrying that we will destroy the next competition, as we have so much time to make adjustments and fine tune everything. By setting goals for your winter training, you are giving your training direction, and every little element of your riding will be helping your goal. Without a goal, we can aimlessly fly through the winter, chaining lots, but not really focusing on what we are changing and why.

‘Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.’
Tony Robbins


How To Make Your Winter Training Successful


Winter may seem long, but I always find that you reach Christmas and then realise there are only a few weeks left before the season is getting read to start again. The best way to make the most of your winter is to have a plan, and w rare going to help you to compile your plan today.

1) Look over your seasons results
Grab your dressage sheets, or look up your results, and properly evaluate how last season went - what went week, what didn’t work, and what areas do you need to work on to get better results. This is the best way to decide what your winter training plan needs to focus on.

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Christmas Gifts to Improve Your Riding


Buff Head Wear

Buff is a great gift for any rider. It’s adaptability makes it perfect for yard duties, schooling, hacking and walking the dog, no matter what the weather. With a new reflective range and a whole array of colours, see what design you would choose.

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