Nov 2015

How To Get More Out Of Your Body


Have you every had to compete after a session at the gym, or had an intense dressage session, and then need to head to the gallops the next day, or even just get out of bed, ready to face the day.  Muscles soreness from exercise (DOMS) can be a killer, making even the simplest tasks like getting out of bed, sitting on the toilet and walking up the 5 stairs at work, a complete nightmare.  But what if you could reduce those days, enabling you to train more frequently and more effectively!!  Every time we train we fatigue our muscles and other elements of our body, making them weaker for a short period of time.  Ideally we want them to have recovered and feel stronger before we next train, and recovery is the key ingredient.


Winter Training - Where To Start


Winter is a great time to focus on yourself.  "Why?" I hear you say.  Simple.  Normally there are fewer competitions, so it frees up a little time to do some exercise.  The days are shorter, with longer periods of darkness, so less time to ride, and hopefully a little more time to improve your riding with work off the horse.  Finally, it is a great time to make changes without worrying about what effect it is going to have on the body and your performance.  During the season, you don't want to make big changes to your current regime, a bit like you may not want to go and teach your horse changes, or complex movements that might upset their way of going.  So how do you decide what to work on?