Sep 2015

How To Fit Stretching Into Your Life


I recently suffered a hamstring tear, luckily quite a small one.  I am the world’s worst patient, and hate being off games, so I was keen to find out if I could have avoided it.  And the answer was yes, stretch more.  If you have ever met me, you will know that flexibility is not my strong point.  However I felt that I stretch quite a bit - 10min at the end of every session I teach, which I thought totted up to a fair bit.  However, Andy, my lovely physio highlighted that the ratio of stretching to working out was out of sync, with too little stretching in my daily routine.  Now like most of you, I don't have much spare time in a day - work, horses, kids, house to run etc, so it got me thinking how could I include some essential stretches as part of my every day routine, with life cues reminding me to do them.  So here is how you can do the same


Why Is A Strong Core So Vital For Riders

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Since I started in the fitness industry over 10 years ago, combining fitness and riding, it is really interesting to see how much has changed - riders are so much more aware of their core; there are pilates courses designed for riders and there is even specially designed equipment for riders to work their core.  But why is your core so important for riding?


Want A Secure Seat?

AFB Inv - 1998

As riders, we all fall off from time to time, but sometimes we feel that it could have been avoided.  The photo above certainly was.  I remember clearly this photo even though it was over 10 years ago.  I was coming into the water at Burnham Market, on Alfie (the horse that liked to drop back to trot to jump nearly everything, no matter what you did), and I was so busy kicking him on so he didn't drop behind the leg, that when he spotted the plastic duck in the water, I was not in a secure enough seat, and fell out through his shoulder, much to my Dad's amusement, who was taking the photos.  Regularly I get asked 'how can I stay in the seat', so I thought I would share some key areas to help your seat become more secure -