Introducing The Second Of Our Activerider - Laura Eaton

red dr 1

I'm Laura Eaton, a thirty something rider who rode as a child, took a long break and back to it again!  I combine riding with a full time job as an Account Manager in business communications. My four legged partner in crime is Red Cell a now 9 yr old ex racehorse who very definitely has his own mind! 

I'm hoping to give you an insight into our year and hopefully our highs (prefer not to have many lows) as we try and get further in our riding career, our greatest achievements so far have been double clear at 60cm SJ, a run over XC at a Hunter trial, dressage is our current strongest phase and we are competing BD Prelim with scores of 60-65% depending on Sir Red's mood and dislike of the venue, we qualified for the UK riders champs at Intro & Prelim last summer and have already qualified for Prelim & Novice for the regional finals.  We're just an ordinary horse and rider team who this year aspire to get a decent score at Novice, double clear at 75cm SJ & XC and the ultimate aim is a small ODE with our eyes on a BE80 the following season.

All of the above sounds easy right?  I've been owned by Red for just over 4 years and I was an average riding school rider when I bought him as my first own horse.  Sadly we both had a fair bit of injury  (2 years in total) and he was only meant to make a light hack and has only been in full work for just over a year now.  As usual he didn't listen to the advice....


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