Want A Secure Seat?

AFB Inv - 1998

As riders, we all fall off from time to time, but sometimes we feel that it could have been avoided.  The photo above certainly was.  I remember clearly this photo even though it was over 10 years ago.  I was coming into the water at Burnham Market, on Alfie (the horse that liked to drop back to trot to jump nearly everything, no matter what you did), and I was so busy kicking him on so he didn't drop behind the leg, that when he spotted the plastic duck in the water, I was not in a secure enough seat, and fell out through his shoulder, much to my Dad's amusement, who was taking the photos.  Regularly I get asked 'how can I stay in the seat', so I thought I would share some key areas to help your seat become more secure - 


Stable Leg Workout

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