How To Get More Out Of Your Body


Have you every had to compete after a session at the gym, or had an intense dressage session, and then need to head to the gallops the next day, or even just get out of bed, ready to face the day.  Muscles soreness from exercise (DOMS) can be a killer, making even the simplest tasks like getting out of bed, sitting on the toilet and walking up the 5 stairs at work, a complete nightmare.  But what if you could reduce those days, enabling you to train more frequently and more effectively!!  Every time we train we fatigue our muscles and other elements of our body, making them weaker for a short period of time.  Ideally we want them to have recovered and feel stronger before we next train, and recovery is the key ingredient.


Losing Weight Without Counting Calories

portion sizes

Counting calories, sins, or food colours, has been a popular way to lose or maintain weight for years, but making sure you eat a well balanced diet can be so much easier than that, just by using your hand.
Protein Aim to eat one palm sized portion of food with every meal to feel satisfied, stay fuller for longer, build lean muscle, help the body repair and maintain a steady blood sugar level.  Good sources of protein  are - poultry, lean red meat, eggs, lot & low sugar yoghurt, cottage cheese, low fat milk, salmon and shell fish, as well as soy based products and nuts for vegans and vegetarians.


Breakfast Angels


This morning I made a series of errors that ended in a major conflict happening before we left the house.

Error number 1 - not eating properly last night
Yesterday was 'Elly & Mummy' day, one of my favourite days of the week.  I have the day off and my youngest and I do 'stuff' together.  She loves it!!  Yesterday we did lunch at our favourite kid friendly place the the moment - The Jolly Postie.  Because I had eaten a main meal at lunch - very unlike me, I wasn't hungry by the kids' tea time.  I got absorbed in work, buying a replacement car (don’t ask!) and generally pushing paper round my desk, so 10 o'clock came and went, and I hadn't had tea.  So I had a yoghurt and went to bed.  I of course, woke up starving this morning.  


Boosting Your Immune System


I don't know about you, but as soon as Spring hits, those pesky colds, stomach bugs and other germs rear their ugly heads.  Sometimes we take them in our stride, whilst at other times it just seems to be one thing after another.  Believe or not, there are many simple steps you can take to improve your immunity and help fight off those germs and feel energised once again.


The Breakfast Sinners


About 2 years ago now I was at a training camp, assessing riders etc, when I noticed a display the nutritionist had done - drinks and their sugar content. She had bought some of the most popular soft drinks, worked out how much sugar was in them, and then stacked the corresponding amount of sugar cubes by each drink. It seriously shocked me


7 Dos And Don’ts For A Healthier Breakfast


Breakfast is massively underrated in my eyes - regularly missed, quite often badly made, and poor choices.  Let’s be honest, if an alien were to spy on us during breakfast, he would think many of us were mad eating what quite often looks like shredded cardboard.  Breakfast is a great way to start your day as if you eat right, you can curb cravings, reduce snacking during the rest of the day and sneak in some vital vitamins and minerals.  Nearly 3 years ago, after Elly was born, I lost 4 kg of weight, that I had carried for many years, and I believe most of it was down to altering what I ate for breakfast.  So how can you make your breakfast healthier without too much disruption to your lives?


5 Simple Ways To Have A Healthier Christmas


Research has shown that many of us gain a stone before Christmas arrives.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, and all the yummy food that comes with it, but how can we make Christmas a little healthier, but still just as much fun?