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Winter Training Series - Part 2


Following on from my previous blog on where to start your winter training, you should now have a clear understanding of what areas you need to focus on. However, where do you now start? Whenever I am building a training plan for the winter, we always start with the basics. If the basics aren’t good enough, we should not be progressing them on to more advanced and performance enhancing exercises. Doing so would only lead to a higher risk of injury, and also incorrect technique, which would reduce their performance gains. But what basics do we need to grasp?


How To Fit Stretching Into Your Life


I recently suffered a hamstring tear, luckily quite a small one.  I am the world’s worst patient, and hate being off games, so I was keen to find out if I could have avoided it.  And the answer was yes, stretch more.  If you have ever met me, you will know that flexibility is not my strong point.  However I felt that I stretch quite a bit - 10min at the end of every session I teach, which I thought totted up to a fair bit.  However, Andy, my lovely physio highlighted that the ratio of stretching to working out was out of sync, with too little stretching in my daily routine.  Now like most of you, I don't have much spare time in a day - work, horses, kids, house to run etc, so it got me thinking how could I include some essential stretches as part of my every day routine, with life cues reminding me to do them.  So here is how you can do the same


The Bucket Workout - Improve your rider fitness with just a bucket


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