Warm Up

Do You Really Need To Warm Up Before Riding?


I love a good warm up before riding, but today mine was somewhat different.  It started well - a few squats whilst mucking out, some walking lunges and I was about to start my dynamic stretches when the girls' demon pony escaped.  I say escaped, but what I actually mean is that she whipped past Elly as Elly was opening the door to play with her.  And play she did, first we had a bit of hide and seek in the other stables, followed by a bit of tag, finishing off with Grandma's footsteps until the speed merchant was caught.  I ignored the smirks as I put her back in the box, and told Elly to not let her out again.  She promptly replied 'But Mummy, you had some much fun playing with her, and it was so funny to watch.  You should take her running with you Mummy as she is faster than you."

So after my slightly manic warm up, I finally got back to my proper warm up, and yes I did continue it, because although I had got my heart and lungs going, and my muscles warm, there are more benefits to a riding warm than just getting warm.