Winter Training

Winter Training Series - Part 2


Following on from my previous blog on where to start your winter training, you should now have a clear understanding of what areas you need to focus on. However, where do you now start? Whenever I am building a training plan for the winter, we always start with the basics. If the basics aren’t good enough, we should not be progressing them on to more advanced and performance enhancing exercises. Doing so would only lead to a higher risk of injury, and also incorrect technique, which would reduce their performance gains. But what basics do we need to grasp?


Winter Training - Where To Start


Winter is a great time to focus on yourself.  "Why?" I hear you say.  Simple.  Normally there are fewer competitions, so it frees up a little time to do some exercise.  The days are shorter, with longer periods of darkness, so less time to ride, and hopefully a little more time to improve your riding with work off the horse.  Finally, it is a great time to make changes without worrying about what effect it is going to have on the body and your performance.  During the season, you don't want to make big changes to your current regime, a bit like you may not want to go and teach your horse changes, or complex movements that might upset their way of going.  So how do you decide what to work on?