Active Rider's Badminton benefits....

Week 9

So who knew all the core strength and balance work would prove so useful at Badminton? Sadly, I wasn't riding, but I was staying in the lorry with friends on the campsite, which has been an annual event for a few years now. It's a great way to spend the week, and the people who run the campsite do a fantastic job.

In common with lots of people (I think!) I've always taken flipflops to wear in the campsite showers, but have sometimes found it quite a challenge to balance myself on one leg for a prolonged time when doing the whole 'drying myself/getting out of flip flops and into clothes and shoes' thing. This year - no problem! I think the (quite difficult!) single leg squat and hop in week eight's programme has helped a lot. It's odd the things which make you realise how far you have come!

It's been a frustrating start to the season, with Moley now being treated for ulcers. He's looking well though, and I have been doing a bit of pole work and making him reverse in order to help build up his core strength - we might as well do something positive with this time. Hopefully all will return to normal soon - I think we are both really missing competing, and it is interesting how having your competition 'goals' removed or moved really affects your focus.

It's probably why I seem to have slowed down doing the Active Rider programme, but I have been sticking with it - just not doing it so frequently. However, I do now realise how much better I feel for actually getting on and doing it.
I'm off to London again today for work, but got up to do the week eight workout and secure seat programme before setting off, so I do feel quite pleased with myself today!

I also used one of my lunchtimes when working in the London office to get some new trainers. I've always gone to the same shop near Victoria Station as they are very good at assessing your gait. It's not a sophisticated machine though - more like a trot up for humans as they make you run up and down the street outside the shop to see how you run and which shoes suit you best. It feels slightly odd, but there are always two or three other people trying out shoes, so I guess it's just a hazard for any other pedestrians! I over-pronate as I have fairly flat feet, and usually end up with the same model of New Balance shoes, but they do fit and stop me getting sore knees and shins, so it's well worth the visit.
I'm looking forward to week nine now, and it'll be interesting to do some of the new exercises Carys has included in the programme - I'll let you know how it goes.