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The Store

All our books, ebooks and programmes are put together by our 3 experts - Russell from Centaur Biomechanics, Helen, our team Physiotherapist, and Carys, our Strength & Conditioning Coach. If you want to find more out about them, you can do so here
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Perfect Training Bundles

The Performance Package

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Would you like to understand what areas you need to work on, and then follow a plan to help improve those areas? If so, this package is for you. It includes our Online Assessment, our 12 week online programme with regular email content and our new ActiveRider Manual. The perfect package to get you ready for the 2016 season


The Correction Package

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Would you like to work all the ebooks wrapped up into one printed book and 13 separate workouts in PDF format so you can watch the videos live? If so this package is for you - Our new activerider manual & our correction packs will help you understand what you need to work on, where to focus your attention on, and then you can select which correction pack to make a start on.


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The Books

ActiveRider Mannual

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New for Christmas 2015, our beautiful, full colour booklet covers all the essentials to improving your ridden performance - posture, core stability, symmetry, seat, fitness and more. With leading equestrian experts in physiotherapy, biomechanics, physical conditioning and nutrition, all the content links back to what affect you have on your horse. With easy to follow cues, and top tips, this booklet would make a great gift for someone this Christmas


ActiveEat - Recipe Book

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Our first ever recipe book, with a difference - all the profit from this is going to a very small primary school in Barrington, South Cambridgeshire. With recipes from clients, nutritionists, dieticians, professional chefs and River Cottage, this healthy eating recipe book is designed for the whole family. With over 70 recipes covering all the daily meals, snacks and drinks, it also incorporates simple tips to eating healthier, and helps you appreciate how powerful food really is on your overall health.


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The E Books

Functional Core

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Core stability is not a new concept in riding, but commonly misunderstood. In this e book we cover what it actually is, how it works, and what affect it has on the horse and rider through the eyes of a physiotherapist, biomechanist and a strength & conditioning coach. You will then be able to work your way through a series of simple assessments, plus the ebook comes with 5 progressive programmes with exercise videos for you work on at home


Perfect Posture

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Posture not only affects your dressage results, but it also influences your hand aid, affects your core and your seat, and if poor can cause injuries and pain. In this ebook we will look at what makes up your posture, its affect on your riding as well as how to assess and improve it. With help from our 3 experts - physiotherapist, biomechanist and strength & conditioning coach, & 4 progressive programmes with exercise videos for you work on at home


Independent Seat

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Want your seat to move with the horse, but still remain balanced and still though the body? This ebook is for you, helping you to understand how your pelvis works, what could be going wrong, and the affect your seat has on your horse. You can then assess yourself, working out what you need to stretch and what you need to strengthen, before working your way through our 4 progressive programmes, with videos to alongside.


Beautifully Balanced

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Most of us have one side stronger than the other, but its your imbalance causing your saddle to slip, you aids to be limited & causing you to not sit straight. If so, this ebook will help you understand what is going on and what you can do about it with the help of our 3 experts. We will then walk you through a series of assessments so you can understand what you need to work on, and then start your 4 progressive programmes, with videos


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The Online Products

12 Week Online Programme

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Our popular 12 week course is like having us in your home. Each week you'll have a clear plan of what to do, and articles covering the what, why and how. No session is longer than 15 minutes and we try and incorporate as much as possible into your daily routine, leaving you with free time to ride. All the exercises are backed up with videos or photos, and you feedback each week how you have got on. For more details

£29.99 a month
3 month programme but no tie in

Online Assessment

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Ever wondered what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what you need to work on? You simply work your way through our assessment, videoing and taking photos as you go along, and then send them across to us. We will analyse them, and send back your feedback form, which will highlight what area you should be focusing on correcting. The assessment also come with 4 progressive programmes on your key area. For more details

including your correction pack